Fact Sheet: Security zone during transits of Hawaii Superferry Alakai

Security Zone during transits of Hawaii Superferry Alakai

Q: What is a Coast Guard security zone?

A: Security zones are designated areas established by the U.S. Coast Guard to prevent injury or to safeguard ports and harbors. Establishing and enforcing maritime security zones is a routine mission for the Coast Guard nationwide. The purpose of the security zone in Kahului Harbor is to provide safety and security in the port during the Superferry’s transit. Federal, state and county agencies will enforce the security zone.

Q: What part of Kahului Harbor does the security zone affect?

A: The security zone affects all waters of Kahului Harbor (except the shoreline access area described below) and extends out 2 nautical miles from the eastern and western breakwaters to include the entrance channel. There will also be a moving security zone extending 100 yards out from and centered on the Hawaii Superferry (when the vessel is within 3 nautical miles of the harbor).

Q: Is the entire harbor closed while the Superferry is transiting?

A: Shoreline access has been established in the water area enclosed by straight lines connecting the following points: the southwestern base of Maui Pier No. 2 to buoy “12”; buoy “10” to buoy “12”; and buoy “10” to the nearest shoreline point. This area is not part of the security zone and will be open to recreational users of Kahului Harbor. Some of this area may be identified by boom, a floating barrier commonly used for maritime pollution response.

Q: Who enforces the security zone?

A: Responsibility for the safety and security of Kahului Harbor is shared by the U.S. Coast Guard and other federal, state and county authorities. Those who violate the security zone may be punished by up to 10 years federal imprisonment and/or civil penalties of $32,500. In addition, security zone violators could face state and county fines and/or imprisonment. The U.S. Coast Guard is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the maritime environment in Hawaii.

Q: Is Kahului Harbor now closed to the public because of a security zone?

A: The fixed security zone will be in effect one hour prior to the Hawaii Superferry’s arrival through 10 minutes after its departure. Mariners may request permission to enter the security zone by contacting contact Kahului Harbor on VHF radio channel 12 or by calling (808) 927-0865.

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