Deadline for Transportation Worker Identification Credentials looms

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The deadline for all port workers to have their Transportation Worker Identification Credential before enforcement begins is quickly approaching.

The Coast Guard will begin enforcement in South Carolina, Monday, Dec. 1, and is responsible for ensuring that waterfront facilities are implementing the TWIC Program.

Coast Guard personnel will be deployed at each facility to monitor TWIC enforcement. Enforcement options range from letters of warning to the halt of operations at the facility.

If an individual requires routine unescorted access to secure areas of a vessel or facility, he/she will need to obtain a TWIC or be escorted by an individual who has a TWIC. Workers can pre-enroll for their TWIC online at Pre-enrollment speeds up the process by allowing workers to provide biographic information and to schedule a time to complete the application process in person. The pre-enrollment process reduces the time it takes to fully enroll in the TWIC program and eliminates waiting at enrollment centers.

The enrollment center was moved to the Residence Inn on International Blvd. in North Charleston to allow for more customer parking.

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