Dauntless returns from patrol

GALVESTON, Texas – The Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless arrives home this morning, following a 61 day training and law enforcement patrol.

The crew of Dauntless began their patrol in Mayport, Fla., conducting Tailored Annual Cutter Training, a rigorous two and half week period of navigation, seamanship, and damage control training and testing. The Dauntless earned the Battle “E” Operational Readiness Award for excellence in training and the professionalism displayed by the crew while earning an average score of 97.6% on drills.

For the remaining five weeks, Dauntless and her crew sailed in the Atlantic Ocean, the Windward Passage, and the Mona Passage enforcing all applicable laws and Safety of Life at Sea regulations. Following three days of searching, Dauntless responded to a call from the merchant vessel Cap Diamante who had found a disabled vessel, adrift for eight days, with 31 Dominican nationals onboard. Dauntless provided needed medical screening, food, and water for each migrant, then transferred all 31 migrants to the Coast Guard Cutter Matinicus for repatriation to their home country.

Dauntless and her crew assisted with the recovery of five United States Geological Survey buoys used for plate tectonic and tsunami research in the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean. The data collected from these buoys will help researchers learn more about the area’s plate tectonics activity to better prepare for tsunamis that could threaten the region and continental U. S.

Dauntless continues to fill a vital role in the Department of Homeland Security by conducting national defense and maritime homeland security missions, interdicting illegal drugs, preventing illegal immigration, and rescuing mariners in distress.

Dauntless, a 210-foot medium endurance cutter, was commissioned in June 1968 and is the largest U.S. Coast Guard Cutter based in Texas.

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