Cutter Sycamore crew aids in snow removal in Cordova

17th Coast Guard District NewsCORDOVA, Alaska — The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Sycamore, homeported in Cordova, participated in snow removal operations by sending out 22 crewmembers to assist the community Sunday through Tuesday.

Crewmembers got involved with clearing the harbor, volunteering throughout the town and repairing community snow-removal equipment for the city that has been running nearly non-stop for three weeks.

“Over the weekend, as good Samaritans, 12 crewmembers volunteered around town shoveling as needed,” said Lt. j. g. Carla Geyer, of the Sycamore’s operations department. “They cleared off 11 houses that either had roofs in danger of collapsing or doors blocked by berms of snow with residents trapped inside.”

For several days snow accumulation, rain and cold temperatures created treacherous weather conditions.

“There is no one on this ship who has not done their fair share of shoveling and ice breaking,” said Geyer.

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