Cutter Mackinaw to Receive Michigan Historical Marker

Michigan’s State Historic Preservation Office has announced that the Michigan Historical Commission has approved the placement of a Michigan Historical Marker for the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw and the Mackinaw City Railroad Dock. The Mackinaw was decommissioned in 2006.

“The 290-foot-long vessel was built during World War II in order to enable freighters to carry raw materials on the lakes year-round. Iron ore and other products needed by factories producing weapons for the war were transported when the lakes were frozen with the help of the Mackinaw,” said Department of History Arts and Libraries Director William Anderson. “After the war the Mackinaw continued to play a vital role in Great Lakes commerce.”

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw, one of the Great Lakes’ most recognizable vessels, because of its “half-football” shape, called Cheboygan home for 62 years. When the Coast Guard decommissioned it in 2006, the vessel was moved to Mackinaw City for use as a museum ship. The cutter’s new home, the former railroad car ferry dock at Mackinaw City, has also been designated as historic and will share the marker with the icebreaker.

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