Cutter Dependable returns after 52 day counter-drug patrol

CAPE MAY, N.J. – On October 31 the Coast Guard Cutter Dependable and its crew will return to homeport and waiting family members after conducting a 52 day counter-drug patrol near the Windward Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

While on patrol, Dependable’s crew boarded vessels in support of counter-drug operations, and maintained a deterrent presence in the deep Caribbean. The crew also hosted two members of the Barbados Coast Guard as part of the United States’ ongoing effort to promote international law enforcement of the Caribbean basin. The Dependable worked for both American and Dutch commanders, patrolling where needed to cover known drug routes into the Unites States and Europe.

During the patrol, the Dependable sailed over 4,000 miles and made ports of call in Barbados, Grenada and Puerto Rico. The Dependables’s missions include maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, national defense and protection of living marine resources.

The Dependable is a 210′ Medium Endurance cutter based out of Cape May, N.J., with 75 crewmembers.

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