Cutter Dallas Port Destination in Georgia Changes

The Associated Press is reporting that a U.S. Embassy spokesman in Tbilisi,  Georgia says that plans to have the Coast Guard Cutter Dallas dock in the Georgian port of Poti have been canceled.   The spokesman, Stephen Guice told the AP that the Dallas would dock in Batumi instead.

While Guice said that he did not have information on why the plan was changed, the port at Poti is reported to have suffered severe damage during the Russian occupation.  In addition to the damages, Russian forces are posted on the outskirts of the city and a U.S. ship docking there would probably be seen by the Russians as a threat.

The Dallas was scheduled to dock in Porti with its cargo of humanitarian aid on Wednesday morning.

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One Comment

  1. Sea Capt. Steve says:

    The plan was changed because the way Russia is postering, they would look at a naval vessel in Poti as a military threat. They have destroyed the Georgian Coast Guard and some other vessels at Poti. It is an environmental disaster too.

    It is a good plan to bring the Coast Guard vessels close in and leave the Navy warships farther out. The Coast Guard is in harm’s way and must be prepared.