Crescent City Harbor safety zone reduced

CRESCENT CITY, Calif.  — The Coast Guard has reduced the size of the safety zone established at Crescent City in support of emergency operations following the Friday, March 11, 2011 tsunami.

As of 1 p.m. Monday, Captain Cynthia Stowe, Coast Guard Captain of the Port of San Francisco, reduced the safety zone to encompass only the inner boat basin. The remainder of the Crescent City harbor will be open to all traffic.

Mariners transiting to or from the harbor should not rely on buoys six and seven for safe navigation. Instead, use other means of navigation, including the channel range markers.

Mariners should also use caution in the navigation channel east northeast of Pelican Rock, where depths of only nine feet have been identified.

The Unified Command is working with the harbor master and vessel owners to facilitate the movement of vessels within the inner boat basin, where most of the tsunami damage occurred. Some vessels need to be moved in order to perform necessary work and make room for a crane barge.

Owners whose vessels do not need to be moved are asked to be patient and allow responders to move damaged vessels that present a pollution risk first. The harbor’s boat lift is needed for recovery operations.

Responders’ top priority is to remove damaged vessels from the water in order to facilitate cleanup operations and allow the local fishing community to get back to business.

Information numbers:

  • Crescent City Harbor boat owners contact 707-464-6174 ext. 22
  • Report oil 1-800-852-7550
  • Report Injured Wildlife 1-877-823-6926

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