Crane on Barge Allides with Power Lines – Update

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Pacific Gas and Electric is reporting that 6,000 people were initially affected by an incident involving a crane onboard a barge that allided with a group of power lines crossing the Sacramento River one mile south of the Port of Sacramento at 6 p.m. on Thursday. The tugboat was scheduled to deliver the crane and barge to Richmond and then dock at Pier 50 in San Francisco.

The Sacramento Fire Department arrived on scene at 7 p.m. on Thursday to respond to the incident and a Coast Guard investigator was dispatched to the scene to assess the situation. No injuries were reported nor damage to the crane, tugboat or barge during the incident.

Approximately 5,350 people have had their power restored as of last night, and PG&E is working to restore power to the remaining 650 people still affected. PG&E has recovered the power lines from the water and is currently working to restore additional power lines.

Alcohol testing was conducted for all crew members of the tug on Thursday, results were negative and drug testing will be conducted today. The cause of the incident is under investigation by the Coast Guard.

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