Counter Drug Analyst Position Established at Coast Guard Sector New York

NEW YORK – An endorsement establishing a position for an Army National Guard counter-drug analyst at the Field Intelligence Support Team at Coast Guard Sector New York on Staten Island will be signed at a ceremony at the Joint Forces Headquarters in Lantham, N.Y. Wed., May 14, 2008 at 11:00 a.m.

The counter-drug analyst will be responsible for amassing data to be entered into the Merchant Vessel Intelligence Matrix, a prototype program that contains automated intelligence screenings of merchant vessels inbound for the United States.

The agreement follows many months of study and consideration of the effectiveness of a position filled by personnel from the National Guard to support the joint Coast Guard and National Guard mission of drug interdiction.

The counter-drug analysts collected, processed and analyzed information from more than 600 known and suspected drug-smuggling ships world-wide, screened problematic vessels and provided the information to Coast Guard operational units, such as Coast Guard Atlantic Area and the El Paso Intelligence Center.

“This agreement will improve force protection in the on-going war against drugs,” said Lt. Col. Eric Durr, the public affairs officer for the New York Counter Drug Task Force. “It also strengthens the relationship between the Coast Guard and National Guard and will enhance the protection of the citizens of New York by improving inter-agency communications and sharing of intelligence that will help combat the influx of drugs into our country.”

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