Cosco Busan Spill Response Update

The Unified Command for the Cosco Busan Oil Spill announced today that clean-up efforts have increased to more than 937 people. Currently we have approximately 350 people conducting shoreline cleanup operations, with an estimated 350 additional personnel by Tuesday.

The following agency representatives were present during today’s press conference on the status of the current operations: Rear Adm. Craig Bone, Commander, 11th Coast Guard District; Bevan Dufty, Acting Mayor, San Francisco; Phil Ginsburg, Mayorial Chief of Staff, San Francisco; Barry McFarland, The O’Briens Group, Incident Commander for Responsible Party; Steve Edinger, California Department of Fish and Game, State On Scene Commander; Capt. William Uberti, Federal Onscene Coordinator; Rudy Evenson, National Park Service; Laura Philips, Department of Emergency Services; Joanne Hayes-White, Fire Chief, San Francisco, Lisa Curtis, Administrator Department of Fish and Game, Office of Spill Prevention and Response.

The U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen will arrive this evening to meet with local and state officials, and to review the progress of the cleanup effort.
The National Transportation Safety Board has begun an independent investigation into the cause of the incident. The U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of California is now engaged in a federal criminal investigation, which is fully supported by the Unified Command.
The public is urged to avoid areas and wildlife that are affected, as untrained people can cause further damage to the environment and stress on the wildlife. Concerned citizens should call 877-823-6926 to report any sightings of oiled wildlife.

The most recent information about the clean-up is as follows:

  • Seven miles of containment boom has been deployed to confine and collect oil in the water.
  • 10,752 gallons of oil has been collected.
  • 937 people are involved in the response.
  • 59 vessels are working to remediate the spill.
  • Three helicopters are surveying the area.
  • The oil has spread to the north coastline of Stinson Beach and to the south coastline of Ocean Beach. Inside the bay, it has spread south to Hunter’s Point and north to Richmond.

For a list of closed beaches, please go to A list of beaches where the public can assist in cleanup efforts without hazardous material training, can also be found at A coordinator will be on-site to provide direction to the volunteers. Any volunteer who finds oiled material must report it to the coordinator on site.

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