Cosco Busan oil spill operations and information for Nov. 13, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO – There have been several updates and announcements regarding the oil spill response efforts. Response efforts continue as the Unified Command for the Cosco Busan oil spill is passing on several important announcements, as well as updated statistics.

NEW PHONE NUMBERS: There are several new phone numbers the public can use to report information to the Unified Command:
To report new oil sightings — 415-398-9617
To report oiled wildlife – 415-701-2311
To file insurance claims – 866-442-9650.

BEACH CLEANUP STATUS: (These percentages are of the gross amount of product recovered. Once this number reaches 100 percent, it does not guarantee the beach will open. The cleanup of the beaches needs to be certified by local, state, and federal authorities. Clean up of beaches is progressing with the following completion estimates.)

Marin County
Rodeo Beach – 60 percent
Muir Beach – 60 percent
Stinson Beach – 80 percent
Angel Island – 25 percent
RCA Beach – 25 percent
Agate – 25 percent

San Francisco
Fort Funtson – 20 percent
Baker Beach – 85 percent
China Beach – 85 percent
Pier 1-39 – 100 percent

OIL IN TRASH: Do not place oil from the Cosco Busan oil spill in trash receptacles. Well-intentioned members of the public have been cleaning up oiled beaches and placing the oil and oily rags and adding them into trash. Do not attempt to collect the oil, since it needs to be disposed of properly to prevent broader contamination and re-introduction to the environment. If you have collected oil, it should NOT be added to regular trash, as this may negatively impact the environment. Oil and trash containing oil (such as rags or paper towels) should be double bagged, labeled as oily waste, and call 415-398-9617 to have it picked up.

The most recent information about the clean-up is as follows:

  • 7 miles of containment boom has been deployed to confine/collect oil in the water
  • 6 vessels are skimming/collecting oil on the water
  • More than1,500 people are participating in spill response
  • 12,745 gallons of oil have been collected.
  • 580 gallons have dispersed naturally
  • 4,060 gallons of oil have evaporated (estimated)
  • 53 vessels are working to remediate the spill
  • 3 helicopters are surveying the area
  • Oiled wildlife count
    • LIVE BIRDS – 715 (of those, 183 are washed, and 66 have died or been euthanized) –
    • DECEASED BIRDS – 511

The latest over flight shows very little recoverable oil offshore and inshore. Cleanup efforts are transitioning from water recovery to shoreline environmentally sensitive areas.

For a list of closed beaches, refer to A list of beaches where the public can assist in cleanup efforts without hazardous material training can also be found at that website. A coordinator will be on-site to provide direction to the volunteers. Any volunteer who finds oiled material must report it to the coordinator on site.

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