Cosco Busan clean up update for Nov. 22, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO – The most recent information about the clean up is as follows:

  • Total personnel employed: 1,104
  • Total gallons discharged: 58,000
  • Total birds captured: 1,052
  • Total birds cleaned: 762
  • Total birds released: 106
  • Total birds died in facility: 438
  • Total birds dead on arrival: 1,514
  • Remaining Feet of boom laid out: 1,600
  • Number of contracted aircraft: 1

The Unified Command is planning to have cleaning teams on the following beaches from Nov.21 to Nov. 24:

  • Albany Beach
  • Emeryville Marina
  • Berkley Marina
  • Brooks Island
  • Richmond Marina/Shinada Friendship Park
  • Angel Island
  • Horsehoe Cove

Additional “hot shot” teams will be on standby to respond to oil sightings.Concerned citizens should call (415) 398-9617 to report any sightings of oil on beaches.

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