Container Ship Runs Aground In Ambrose Channel

NEW YORK – The Coast Guard is monitoring a container ship that ran aground in a rocky area near Swinburn Island outside of the Ambrose Channel, today at 1:30 a.m.

The container ship KOBE EXPRESS was traveling outbound from Bayonne, N.J. enroute its next foreign port of call when it lost propulsion and ran aground.

A 41-foot Coast Guard rescue boat crew from Station New York, a New York Police Department harbor boat and Coast Guard marine investigators and inspectors were on scene at 2:15 a.m.

Coast Guard marine investigators report that the double-bottomed ship suffered no apparent hull breach and no pollution has entered the water.

Investigators suspect the cause of engine failure was due to too much water in the ship’s fuel lines. The ship’s classification society is onboard to ascertain the cause.

The KOBE EXPRESS captain used emergency maneuvers and anchors attempting to regain control of the vessel after losing propulsion. A Sandy Hook Pilot was onboard the vessel.

Four tugboats arrived on scene to keep the ship stable while it awaited the rising tide.

A Captain of the Port order was issued for the ship to proceed to anchorage to undergo hull inspection and Coast Guard assets will continue to monitor the situation.

The ship is expected to be allowed to depart port sometime this evening.

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