Container Cranes transiting from Los Angeles to Guam

SAN PEDRO, Calif – Sunday, January 11 there will be a planned movement of three large container cranes. The cranes are being transported via tug and barge from Berth 206 in the Port of Los Angeles to the Port of Guam.

This complex maritime evolution will commence with the cranes transiting out of their LA Berth into the Cerritos Channel where they will then pass under the Vincent Thomas Bridge. As a precaution, the Vincent Thomas Bridge will be closed to road traffic for approximately 30 minutes as the barge passes underneath at approximately 1:30 p.m. The closure of the bridge is a routine safety precaution as the cranes will come within 7 feet of the bottom of the bridge.

In addition to the bridge closure, there will also be a temporary moving safety zone that extends from the surface of the waters to the sea floor, 200 yards ahead and 100 yards to the side of all vessels involved in the crane towing operations. The placement of the safety zone is an authority given to the Coast Guard Captain of the Port through Title 33, Part 165 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Vessels may not enter into, transit or anchor in the temporary safety zone unless authorized by the Captain of the Port or their designated on-scene representative. Mariners may contact the Captain of the Port to request authorization to transit through the safety zone by calling the Captain of the Port or their designated representative at telephone (310) 521-3800 or on VHF-FM channel 16.

The movement of these container cranes has been planned and closely coordinated through the partnerships of the U.S. Coast Guard, Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Port Police, Crowley Marine Services, California Department of Transportation, and the California Highway Patrol.

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