Congress to Investigate Sexual Assaults in the Military

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The investigative arm of Congress will look at how the military and its academies deal with sexual assaults after allegations that such cases were not properly handled, officials said.

The investigation follows the first court-martial in the 130-year history of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. Cadet Webster Smith was acquitted of rape in June but served five months in prison for extorting a female classmate for sexual favors.

The nation’s military academies have faced more scrutiny since 2003, when women at the Air Force Academy in Colorado alleged that they had been sexually assaulted by fellow cadets over the previous decade and were either ignored or ostracized by commanders when they came forward.

The review is expected to start in January and take about a year.

Full story at Newsday.

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One Comment

  1. George says:

    This post makes my point on the Caitlin Stopper case. In 2003 Congress tore a hole in the service academies looking at sexual assault and the means necessary to fix it. How is it the Coast Guard either got overlooked or just didn’t get fixed? How could a young woman (or any age woman) report sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape, and not be provided with a female counselor?

    How could the Commandant, Superintendant, or anyone else sleep knowing Caitlin was left to explain her case to male leadership.