Coast Guardsman taken into custody following State of New Hampshire arrest warrant

UPDATED: January 22, 2011. We have been asked to remove the below story/press release. Since it was an official Coast Guard release, we are leaving it in place. In the time that has passed since August of 2008, Petty Officer Ruggiero has not only been cleared of all charges but his ex-wife is currently serving 7-15 years in prison for her actions in attempting to frame him. In addition she now faces 21 additional charges along with her mother, boyfriend and ex brother-in-law. Since the initial report, Petty Officer Ruggiero has advanced to Chief Petty Officer and is currently serving in Kuwait.

Please visit the following 2 sites for information on recent activity in the case.. Already in prison, woman faces 21 more charges. Despite New Indictments of His Wife, Jeffrey Ruggiero Still Fights for Care of His Daughter

****** United States Coast Guard PRESS RELEASE ******
CHARLESTON, S.C. – A Charleston-based Coast Guardsman was taken into custody Thursday at approximately 6:40 p.m. by the Sheriff’s Office of Georgetown County, S.C., with the cooperation of the U.S. Coast Guard pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by the State of New Hampshire.

Petty Officer First Class Jeffrey Ruggiero, assigned to Coast Guard Sector Charleston, S.C., was taken into custody without incident and is being held pending an extradition hearing prior to being transported from S.C. to N.H.

On April 30, the State of New Hampshire convicted Ruggiero of three misdemeanor violations; sending obscene matter, criminal threatening, and violation of an restraining order. Ruggiero was not taken into custody by New Hampshire authorities following that conviction, but was released on bail pending sentencing. On June 28, the State of New Hampshire sentenced Ruggiero to three years in state prison, with one year deferred for two years, however he failed to appear in court for sentencing.

The U.S. Coast Guard has been monitoring this matter and fully cooperating with the New Hampshire State authorities throughout the process.

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