Coast Guardsman found guilty of aggravated sexual assault

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Coast Guard Seaman Colby C. Bailey, 23, was found guilty of violating Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 120 – Aggravated Sexual Assault and Article 128 Assault Consummated by a Battery Thursday after more than three hours of panel deliberations.

The sentencing proceedings are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m., Friday morning.

The court-martial followed a 13-month Coast Guard investigation, which revealed that Bailey, the sole member charged in the case, engaged in a broad spectrum of sexually-related misconduct, involving a St. Petersburg, Florida woman.

The reported incident occurred at the Coast Guardsman’s private residence in St. Petersburg June 2, 2013. The Coast Guard investigation began June 3, 2013 after local authorities notified the Coast Guard.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice is a complete set of criminal laws that covers most crimes contained in civilian law in addition to other military-specific offenses such as failure to obey an order, desertion, etc. Additional information about the UCMJ and the military justice system can be found at:

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