Coast Guard Works With National Park Service to Rescue Two

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – The Coast Guard and North Carolina National Park Service rescued two people whose boat capsized in the surf off Coquina Beach, near Oregon Inlet, N.C., this morning.

Coast Guard watch standers at Station Oregon Inlet received a call from a retired Coast Guardsman at 8:25 a.m. stating there were two people in the water at Coquina beach.

Station Oregon Inlet dispatched a beach rescue party to the scene along with rescue crews aboard a 25-foot rescue boat and a 47-foot motor lifeboat.

Upon their arrival, rescue teams found one person in the water between the boat and the surf and the other clinging to the bow of the capsized vessel.

“The person in the water was screaming for help,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Clifford Henry.

Henry, along with Chief Lifeguard Jimmy Davis of the National Park Service, rescued the first man from the water.

Davis then swam out to the boat and brought the second person to the beach.

Both men were rescued before the 25-foot rescue boat and 47-foot motor lifeboat arrived on scene.

“The biggest thing I would recommend is to wear a life jacket, and also pay attention to the water conditions and temperature,” said Henry.

Master Chief Lars Kent, the officer in charge at Station Oregon Inlet, said his station routinely teams up with local agencies during search and rescue cases.

“At least 20 percent of all the rescue cases that we’re involved with here are in cooperation with local water rescue units, fire departments, and National Park Service assets,” said Kent.

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