Coast Guard Works to Contain Toluenediamine Spill

RICHMOND, Calf. – The Coast Guard, along with California Office of Emergency Services, the Department of Fish and Game and Contra Costa County Hazardous Materials Team, responded to a report of a spill of toluenediamine, a flammable substance that can cause irritation by inhalation, at the Reaction Products facility in Richmond this afternoon.

The chemical spill occurred at an unconfirmed time this past weekend. The spill has been fully contained by booms and absorbent pads. The spilled chemical is not believed to have reached the San Francisco Bay. A safety zone was established and enforced by the Coast Guard this afternoon and has since been lifted.

State, local, and federal agencies are working to ensure the safety of residents in the immediate area and to conduct a proper cleanup. Clean Harbors has been contracted to clean the immediate area.

Office of Emergecy Services reported the spill today at 11:09 a.m. to the Coast Guard. The 6000 gallon holding tank, which contained the chemical, was not at full capacity when the spill occured.

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