Coast Guard Works for Maritime Security During MLB All-Star Events

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — The U.S. Coast Guard, in partnership with the San Francisco Police Department, will enforce security zones inside McCovey Cove/China Basin and around the perimeter of Pier 30-32 during MLB All-Star events at the following times:

McCovey Cove/China Basin: 4:00 pm on Saturday, July 7th through 11:59 pm on Tuesday, July 10th

Pier 30/32: Monday, July 9, beginning 7:00 pm until midnight.
Tuesday, July 10, beginning 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.

The Coast Guard and the San Francisco Police Department will be closely monitoring the number of vessels in McCovey Cove to prevent an overcrowded and unsafe situation from developing. Boaters are advised to plan accordingly. Arriving early with the proper boating safety equipment is the best plan to ensure entrance into McCovey Cove.

  • McCovey Cove/China Basin Security Zone Description: The security zone will encompass the navigable waters within McCovey Cove/China Basin, from the Third Street Bridge to the breakwater of South Beach Marina, extending south to the pier head of Pier 48. There will be two points of entry, one at the Third Street Bridge, and one on the eastern side of the Cove. Both will be clearly marked by brightly colored booms.
  • Pier 30-32 Security Zone Description: There will also be a 50-yard security zone enforced in the navigable waters surrounding Pier 30/32. Vessels will not be permitted within 50 yards of Pier 30/32 from any direction.
  • Vessels Allowed in McCovey Cove/China Basin Security Zone: The only vessels that will be permitted to enter the McCovey Cove/China Basin security zone are human-powered vessels that are 20 feet or less in length, such as kayaks and canoes.
  • Pre-approved Vessels in Security Zone: There will be a restricted number of private motorized or sail vessels in McCovey Cove/China Basin that have been sanctioned by the San Francisco Giants, Major League Baseball, and the City of San Francisco and pre-screened by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port. For information on the pre-approval process please send an email to the following addresses: and .
  • CG to Inspect Vessels Prior to Security Zone Entry: All persons and vessels must consent to search before being permitted to enter the security zone. All vessels are required to have at least one life jacket for each person on board, a sound producing device (e.g. whistle) and a flash light or lantern if operating after sunset.
  • Vessels NOT Allowed in McCovey Cove/China Basin Security Zone: Any watercraft that are deemed obviously unsafe by the US Coast Guard or SF Police Department will not be allowed entry into the security zone (e.g. inner tubes and pool toys) due to safety concerns associated with the large concentration of spectator boats.
  • Enhanced Security Posture on Ferries: During the events, the Coast Guard will have K-9 boarding teams on the Larkspur, Vallejo, and Oakland/Alameda ferries that moor in McCovey Cove to maintain a high-level security posture for this high profile event.

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