Coast Guard Western Rivers high water closures, restrictions

No Admittance - Safety  ZoneNEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard has issued a number of river closures, restrictions and advisories in response to floods in the Midwest.

The following Coast Guard sectors have issued closures or restrictions:

Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River:

  • The Coast Guard Captain of the Port has reopened the Mississippi River surrounding the St. Louis Harbor from mile marker 179 to mile marker 185. Vessels operating in this area must be in compliance with horsepower and barge restrictions in accordance with the Western Rivers Waterways Action Plan.
  • Illinois River closed between mile markers 0 to 80.2 from Hardin, Illinois to LeGrange, Illinois. No recreational or commercial traffic is authorized to transit the river.
  • The Missouri River is open to vessel traffic.
  • The Coast Guard urges mariners to monitor VHF-FM channels 16 and 22 for any changes to the river.

Coast Guard Sector Ohio Valley:

  • Restrictions on Mississippi River from mile marker 110, near Chester Illinois, to mile marker 34, near Billings Landing, Missouri.
  • The Coast Guard continues to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to monitor the integrity of the levee systems in Ohio Valley and around the Cape Girardeau region. Once it is deemed safe, the Upper Mississippi River from mile marker 34 to 110 will be re-opened to commercial traffic.

Coast Guard Sector Lower Mississippi River:

  • High water safety advisory on Lower Mississippi River from mile marker 869, near Caruthersville, Missouri, to mile marker 303 near Natchez, Mississippi.
  • Safety zone between mile markers 737 and 734 on the Lower Mississippi River.

Coast Guard Sector New Orleans:

  • High water towing limitations near Morgan City for vessels heading southbound with a length no greater than 600 feet.

This list is up-to-date as of: Jan. 3, 2016 at 5 p.m.

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