Coast Guard warns of flooding danger in Milwaukee

CLEVELAND – As Milwaukee weather becomes severe this week, the U.S. Coast Guard is warning the public of potential flooding and the risks associated with swollen rivers and streams.

As floodwaters are dangerous and can potentially be fatal, the Coast Guard advises the public to:

  • Stay away from riverbanks and streams until potential flooding has passed. Do not allow children to play in flooded areas. There is a high risk of injury or drowning in areas that may appear safe.
  • Stay away from moving water. Moving water only six inches deep can sweep you off your feet. Standing water may be electrically charged from underground or downed power lines. Remember: “Turn Around; Don’t Drown.”
  • Check with local authorities before entering any storm-damaged area.
  • Do not try to reach your boat if it has been forced into the water and is surrounded by debris. Wait until authorities have made safe access available.
  • Do not try to board a partially sunken boat; seek professional salvage assistance.
  • Watch out for and report oil, gasoline or chemical spills to the Coast Guard or local emergency agencies.

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