Coast Guard urges preparedness for hazardous weather conditions

HONOLULU — Coast Guard District 14 encourages mariners and beachgoers to take safety precautions to prepare for the inclement weather in the Pacific Islands.

The Coast Guard responded to four different vessels in distress over the weekend while assisting in multiple cases within the greater Pacific area.

It is especially important to take all necessary precautions during these current weather conditions that are expected to impact the Hawaiian Islands.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued a high surf advisory for north facing shores of all Hawaiian islands, a wind advisory for all Hawaiian islands, a small craft advisory for all Maui County and Big Island waters, and a gale warning for all Kauai and Oahu waters including the Kaiwi Channel.

Mariners and beachgoers are encouraged to take the following precautions to protect themselves and their vessels:

  • Monitor the weather and heed all marine/weather warnings
  • Double-check mooring lines when securing boats and take precautions for items stored loosely aboard
  • Secure all paddle craft so they do not end up in the water and cause a false distress
  • Recreational boaters, personal watercraft and paddle craft users are advised to stay off the water due to hazardous sea conditions
  • Stay off rocks and jetties, as waves can be unpredictable
  • If mariners get underway, they should create a float plan and send it to friends and families before getting underway, which consists of a description of the vessel, the number of people aboard, the destination and the expected return time.
  • Always wear a properly fitting life jacket when on the water and use VHF-FM channel 16 to notify rescuers in the event of an emergency

For additional information on current and upcoming weather conditions visit the Hawaii Public Forecast Products page from NOAA here:

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