Coast Guard urges hurricane preparedness in Tri-State region

Earliest Reasonable Arrival Time of Tropical-Storm-Force Winds. (National Hurricane Center graphic)

Earliest Reasonable Arrival Time of Tropical-Storm-Force Winds. (National Hurricane Center graphic)

NEW YORK —The Coast Guard is urging the commercial and recreational maritime community in the Tri-State area to practice hurricane preparedness as Hurricane Isaias has potential to affect the region.

The National Weather Service has forecasted Hurricane Isaias to potentially accelerate into the Tri-State area as a tropical storm on Tuesday. Potential hazards include high surf, dangerous rip currents, heavy wind, heavy rainfall, and coastal flooding.

Captains of the Port for New York and Long Island Sound are encouraging boaters to be proactive and prepared ahead of impending heavy weather.

“We are closely monitoring Hurricane Isaias and preparing for potential impacts to the region’s Marine Transportation System,” said Capt. Jason Tama, Sector Commander for Coast Guard Sector New York. “Storms such as this can be unpredictable, and it is important that both commercial mariners and recreational boaters prepare accordingly.”

Storms affect every type of mariner on the water, so it is imperative that all mariners heed heavy weather advisories.

“It is important that everyone who uses the waterways take appropriate actions to prepare for the upcoming heavy weather,” said Capt. Eva J. Van Camp, Sector Commander for Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound. “For recreational boaters, that means pulling small boats out of the water and storing or securing paddlecraft and safety gear.”

The Coast Guard is advising the public of these important safety messages:

Stay off the water: The Coast Guard’s search and rescue capabilities potentially degrade as storm conditions strengthen. This means help could be delayed. Boaters should heed weather watches, warnings, and small craft advisories.

Check the weather: Checking weather anytime you plan to get underway and throughout your time on the water is highly recommended. The Coast Guard mobile app for boating safety is a tool to check marine weather from your phone. With the mobile app you can check the weather at nearby NOAA weather buoys, which provide wind speed and direction along with wave height.

Secure your boats and gear: Owners of large boats are urged to move their vessels to inland marinas where they will be less vulnerable to breaking free of their moorings or to sustaining damage. Trailer-able boats should be pulled from the water and stored in a place that is not prone to flooding. Those who are leaving their boats in the water are reminded to remove emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs) and to secure life rings, lifejackets, small boats and paddlecraft. These items, if not properly secured, can break free and require valuable search and rescue resources to be diverted to ensure people are not in distress.

Stay informed: The public should monitor the progress and strength of the storm through local television, radio, and the internet. Boaters can monitor its progress on VHF radio channel 16. Information can also be obtained on small craft advisories and warnings on VHF radio channel 16.

Marine Safety Information Bulletin – Preparing for Hurricane Season 2020

Key Messages for Hurricane Isaias. (National Hurricane Center Graphic)

Key Messages for Hurricane Isaias. (National Hurricane Center Graphic)

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