Coast Guard urges boating safety practices during Fleet Week

SAN FRANCISCO – In light of the upcoming Fleet Week activities, the Coast Guard is encouraging safe boating practices for all those who will view the event from the water.

Historically during Fleet Week activities, boating traffic has been very congested near the San Francisco waterfront and with the combination of boat wakes and mid-day winds can make the waters rough. Sailors and power boaters should exercise particular caution, proceed at safe speeds near the parade route and air show box and leave a wide berth when maneuvering.

Prior to leaving the dock, boaters should ensure all safety and navigation equipment onboard the vessel is in proper working condition. One Coast Guard approved life jacket is required for each person onboard the boat and children under the age of 13-years-old are required to wear a properly fitting life jacket at all times when on the water. All boaters are encouraged to wear their life jacket while underway regardless of the weather conditions and should maintain a working VHF-FM radio on board their vessel.

Boaters are reminded it is against the law to operate a vessel under the influence of alcohol and to not overload their boat with passengers. Excess passengers onboard a vessel may cause the boat to be unstable in the water and increase the risk of capsizing.

All mariners should adhere to safety and security zones in place during Fleet Week and should heed all Broadcast Notice to Mariners by monitoring VHF-FM channel 16.

“Between the Blue Angels Aerial Show and the Parade of Ships, Fleet Week provides impressive viewing events for both the boating and general public,” said Lieutenant Commander DesaRae A. Janszen, Chief of the Waterways Management Branch at Coast Guard Sector San Francisco. “The Coast Guard strongly encourages mariners to follow safe boating practices and respect the safety and security zones in place during Fleet Week to ensure the events are safe and injury-free for everyone involved.”

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