Coast Guard updates Western Rivers high water closures, restrictions

No Admittance - Safety  ZoneNEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard has issued a number of river closures, restrictions and advisories in response to floods in the Midwest and South.

To keep the public and professional mariners apprised of changes to river traffic, the 8th District will continue to issue press releases capturing all closures and restrictions throughout this period of high water and flooding.

The following Coast Guard sectors have issued closures or restrictions:

Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River:

  • Illinois River is open to traffic. The Coast Guard recommends that mariners transit the river in daylight hours only.
  • The Missouri River is open to vessel traffic.
  • The Coast Guard urges mariners to monitor VHF-FM channels 16 and 22 for any changes to the river.

Coast Guard Sector Ohio Valley:

  • The Paducah-Louisville railroad bridge at mile marker 94.8 on Green River requires one-hour notice for opening.
  • The Louisville-Nashville Swing Bridge at mile marker 190.4 on Cumberland River is closed.
  • A safety advisory is in place from mile marker 110 to mile marker 0. While river stages are decreasing, mariners are advised that drift, debris, and strong currents may be a hazard to navigation.
  • The Coast Guard continues to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to monitor the integrity of the levee systems in Ohio Valley and around the Cape Girardeau region.

Coast Guard Sector Lower Mississippi River:

  • High water safety advisory on Lower Mississippi River from mile marker 869, near Caruthersville, Missouri, to mile marker 303 near Natchez, Mississippi.
  • Russell B. Long Lock and Dam #4 on Red River open to traffic.
  • Lock #3 on Arkansas River open to traffic.
  • Safety zone between mile markers 737 and 734 on the Lower Mississippi River.

Coast Guard Sector New Orleans:

  • For B-roll footage of the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge and the Bonnet Carre Spillway click here and here.
  • The Bonnet Carre Anchorage from mile marker 127.3 to 128.8 on the Mississippi River is closed.
  • The Carrollton Gauge indicates a Mississippi River Stage of 16.7 ft. on the rise.
  • Until further notice, vessel-to-vessel cargo transfers are prohibited unless specifically approved in advance by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port New Orleans.
  • Vessels are prohibited from entering South Pass from the Gulf of Mexico if it has a speed of less than 10 miles per hour.
  •  Coast Guard Captain of the Port of New Orleans has determined that during periods of high water, unless moored to a shore side facility or mooring buoys, all deep draft vessels must have three means to hold position.  An example would be two fully operational anchors and the propulsion system in standby. Should a vessel lose an anchor or become inoperable with no redundant capabilities available, such as aft anchors or two main engines, a third means of holding position could be via tug assist.
  • The Captain of the Port of Morgan City has closed the Bayou Chene to all marine traffic.
  • High water towing limitations near Morgan City for vessels heading southbound with a length no greater than 600 feet.
  • A high water safety advisory is in effect from mile marker 219 to mile marker 240 near Baton Rouge, La.
  • Traffic control measures are in place at 81 mile point near Algiers Point

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