Coast Guard units in southern Oregon using new communications system

SEATTLE (D13 Public Affairs) – Coast Guard units in southern Oregon have started using a new maritime communications system known as Rescue 21. This system harnesses global positioning and cutting edge communications technology enabling the Coast Guard to perform all its missions with greater agility and efficiency.

This advanced command, control and communications system provides coverage from Brookings, Ore., in the south to Cascade Head, Ore., in the north. This maritime “911” system replaces a 30-year-old legacy communications system and improves the Coast Guard’s search and rescue mission capabilities.

Components of the system include advanced direction-finding technology, which helps the Coast Guard identify hoax callers, saving time and taxpayer money and helping prioritize real emergencies. Rescue 21 technology also helps close coverage gaps and will narrow search areas, speeding rescues.

The new C3 system also improves interoperability with local, state and federal agencies as well as with first responders.

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