Coast Guard to temporarily move aids in Honolulu Harbor

696026HONOLULU — The Coast Guard will begin temporarily moving aids to navigation in Honolulu Harbor Friday to assist the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with planned dredging operations.

As previously announced, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ hopper dredge Essayons will conduct maintenance dredging in March and April in Nawiliwili, Kalaeloa (Barbers Point), Hilo, Kahului, and Honolulu harbors. Mariners should NOT rely on the aids to navigation that are relocated.

Mariners entering or departing Honolulu Harbor during this time period are encouraged to contact the Essayons to determine the location of dredging operations and coordinate passing arrangements. Mariners should transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake when in the vicinity of the dredge and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made.

All waterway users should transit with caution when in the vicinity of the dredging vessel and operate at a safe speed when the potential for hazards such as dredging components are present. During operations in Honolulu two aids will be temporarily relocated and mariners should exercise caution around dredging operations.

The following buoys will be temporarily relocated starting April 22 through April 24. These dates may vary due to unforeseen on-site conditions, weather and other factors. See attached graphic.

Honolulu Harbor Buoy 8 (LLNR 29225) relocated in approximate position 21-18-17.3N/ 157-51-53.07W in 20 feet of water.

Honolulu Harbor Buoy 12 (LLNR 29235) relocated in approximate position 21-19-00.25N/ 157-52-46.11W in 20 feet of water.

Again, the relocated buoys may be in shoal water and should NOT be used for navigation.

General safety information regarding operating in the vicinity of dredging vessels can be found in Coast Guard Marine Safety Alert 14-15. This safety alert and other information about the 2016 Maintenance Dredge Project can be found on the Sector Honolulu homeport website under the Waterways Management page and Hawaii Commercial Harbor 2016 Maintenance Dredging tab.

Hawaii is a maritime state over 2,400 miles from the mainland and far more dependent on its harbors than most of the United States. The Hawaii state DOT claims that over 80 percent of all consumer goods – food, clothing, autos, building supplies, machinery, paper, and allied products, medical supplies, and agricultural materials – are imported into the state. Of that 80 percent, approximately 98 percent enters Hawaii though commercial harbors on the major islands.

To ensure that these vital goods continue to arrive safely in Hawaii, the Essayons crew will dredge approximately 290,000 cubic yards from the five key harbors. The dredge-material will be safely disposed of at EPA-designated ocean disposal sites.

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