Coast Guard To Tap Landfill for Power

I just came across this story from DefenseNews

The 54-acre city landfill in the Curtis Bay section of south Baltimore may not look like much to most people, but for the U.S. Coast Guard, it looks like the future.

Next month, the service plans to strike a 15-year deal with an energy firm to use the methane gas oozing out of that landfill to power its only shipyard, which is located just across the highway.

What’s more, the project will generate nearly enough renewable energy to satisfy the annual energy-savings goal for the entire Homeland Security Department as set by a 2005 law. That law requires agencies to generate 3 percent of their energy from renewable sources each year between now and 2009.

There are between 600 and 1,700 such landfills across the country that could be candidates for similar energy-savings projects, said Richard Eschenbach, chief of maintenance at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore. And that, he said, translates to a “tremendous opportunity for federal agencies.”

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