Coast Guard to participate in U.S. Navy and Canadian joint-forces exercise

1st Coast Guard District NewsNEW YORK – The U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and Canadian Joint Task Force Atlantic will participate in a joint-forces exercise scheduled for May 2-9, 2012, in Groton, Conn.

The exercise, titled Frontier Sentinel, will begin in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and conclude in Groton and New London, Conn. It will be limited to specific areas in New London Harbor and on the Thames River, and should not significantly impact vessel traffic or harbor and river operations.

The focus of Frontier Sentinel is the maritime homeland security of both the U.S. and Canada. The exercise will allow Coast Guard, Navy and Canadian forces to train together to handle a security-related drill during a full-scale live event and may include mine counter measures and migrant vessel scenarios. Participants will include a number of U.S. and Canadian military personnel and units, as well as other government department organizations.

As always, the Coast Guard urges coastal residents, seafarers, boaters, and regular beach-goers to continue their public awareness of the indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats, and to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities.

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