Coast Guard to establishes safety zone around Beaufort, N.C. drawbridge

BEAUFORT, N.C. – Mariners are advised that the Coast Guard is scheduled to establish a temporary safety zone on the waters around Grayden Paul Drawbridge in Gallants Channel at Beaufort from March 1 to April 30.

The State of North Carolina Department of Transportation awarded a contract to Hames Contracting Inc., of Alpharetta, Ga., to perform maintenance on the bridge. The contract provides for cleaning, painting, steel repair, and grid floor replacement.

Hames Contracting Inc., will be using a 110-foot deck barge with a 30-foot beam as a work platform and for equipment staging, which may present a potential hazard to mariners due to falling debris.

To provide for the safety of the public, the Coast Guard will temporarily restrict access to this section of Gallants Channel during the maintenance period when the deck barge is obstructing the waterway. Persons or vessels requiring entry into or passage through any portion of the safety zone must first request authorization from the Captain of the Port, or a designated representative.

The Captain of the Port can be contacted at 252-247-4570 or by radio on VHF Marine Band Radio, channels 13 and 16.

Mariners should exercise extreme caution when transiting the area and maintain the appropriate safe speed in order to minimize wake.

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