Coast Guard to establish security zone for the presidential inauguration

5th Coast Guard District News
BALTIMORE — The Coast Guard will establish a temporary security zone in designated waters of the National Capital Region for the presidential inauguration effective Jan. 20 through Jan. 22.

At certain times during this period, security zone enforcement may limit or prohibit navigation by commercial and recreational waterway users.

The security zone will include the Potomac River from the Francis Scott Key Bridge (U.S. Route 29) down to a position approximately 350 yards south of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The security zone will continue west on the District of Columbia/Virginia shoreline to a position near Washington Sailing Marina and east on the District of Columbia shoreline near the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Marina, including the Georgetown Channel Tidal Basin. The security zone also includes the Anacostia River from the 11th Street Bridge (I-695) down to its confluence with the Potomac River.

While enforcement of the security zone may change due to unanticipated developments related to the presidential inauguration, the general enforcement plan is as follows:

1. Between Jan. 15 and Jan. 19, the security zone will be open to all commercial and recreational marine traffic, but movement of commercial and recreational vessels may be restricted as inaugural events dictate. Restrictions will be broadcast and law enforcement assets will be on-scene to ensure vessels do not enter areas impacted by inaugural activities. Any recreational vessels in the zone must either moor or depart the zone each day prior to sunset. Any recreational or commercial vessel entering or operating within the security zone during this four-day period must contact the Coast Guard Patrol Commander via marine-band radio VHF Channel 16 prior to entering or operating in the security zone; moreover, all such vessels should prepare to be boarded by the Coast Guard.

2. From Jan. 20 until Jan. 22, the Coast Guard will prohibit recreational boaters from entering or operating inside the security zone. Recreational boaters moored within the zone must not move unless given specific authorization by the Coast Guard Patrol Commander. Commercial vessels with prior approval from the Coast Guard Patrol Commander may operate during this period.

3. Opening of the waterway is anticipated during the early morning hours of Jan. 22. The Coast Guard Patrol Commander will broadcast the opening of the waterway.

4. From the opening of the waterway on Jan. 22 through Jan. 24, the Coast Guard will allow recreational and commercial traffic to operate in the security zone as inaugural events permit.

For vessels seeking authorization to enter or transit the security zone, contact the Coast Guard via marine-band radio VHF channel 16.

Security Zone for the 2013 Presidential Inaugeration

Security Zone for the 2013 Presidential Inaugeration

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