Coast Guard to establish security zone for Republican Issues Conference

5th Coast Guard District News
BALTIMORE — The Coast Guard will establish a temporary security zone Wednesday to Friday in designated waters of the Choptank River for the Republican Issues Conference.

The security zone will be in effect from 3 a.m. Wednesday until 1 p.m. Friday, which may limit or prohibit navigation by commercial and recreational waterway users.

The security zone will include a 500-yard perimeter surrounding the waterfront of the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the Choptank River in Cambridge. The security zone will also impact waterway traffic under the Route 50 Bridge for various periods of time.

Entering or operating in the security zone is prohibited unless authorized by the captain of the port of Coast Guard Sector Baltimore. Vessels already at berth, mooring or anchorage at the time the zone is implemented are not required to depart the security zone.

“Recognizing the temporary zone will affect mariners on the Choptank River; we have coordinated closely with our inter-agency and port partners to minimize impact,” said Lt. Michael McGrail, a member of Coast Guard Sector Baltimore. “We do this while still meeting security requirements for the Republican Issues Conference.”

Anyone who desires to transit the security zone must first obtain authorization from the COTP or his designated representative. To seek permission to transit the area, call 410-576-2693 or use marine band radio via VHF-FM channel 16.

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