Coast Guard to establish safety zone for crane arrival

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The Coast Guard will establish a safety zone around the vessel Tern and its over-sized gantry-crane cargo while it transits the Savannah River starting at approximately 7:00 a.m. Monday.

The moving safety zone will extend two miles ahead of the vessel Tern and one mile behind the vessel. This moving safety zone will be in effect when the vessel Tern enters the Savannah River entrance channel. It will end when the vessel moors at the Garden City Terminal Container Berth Eight. All vessels are prohibited from entering into this safety zone unless permission has been obtained from the on-scene Coast Guard representative.

A safety zone is needed to protect other vessels from an obstruction to safe navigation that is presented by the positioning of the gantry cranes on board the vessel Tern.

The Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, and Savannah Chatham Marine Patrol will be enforcing the safety zone. The on-scene Coast Guard representative may be contacted on VHF-FM channels 16 or 21A during the transit.

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