Coast Guard to enforce safety zones during fuel delivery to Nome

17th Coast Guard District NewsANCHORAGE, Alaska — In accordance with the anticipated fuel delivery to Nome and the associated ice breaking activities in the area, the U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port is establishing a safety zone around all vessel and fuel delivery operations.

Coast Guard personnel will be enforcing a 100-yard safety zone around the tanker vessel Renda and a 50-yard safety zone around any fuel delivery hoses and operations.

The purpose of the safety zone is to protect the tanker vessel Renda and associated transfer hoses from persons, vehicles, vessels, and objects within these areas operating outside the normal shipping channels, anchorages, and fairways. Placing a safety zone around the Renda will significantly reduce the threat of an oil spill thereby helping ensure the safety of life, property, and the environment.

Entry into the safety zone is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Captain of the Port for Western Alaska or a designated representative. Residents wanting more information, or with concerns about the safety zone, should contact Lt. Nicole Auth at 907-321-2921.

The Coast Guard strongly advises residents, crab fishermen, and snowmobilers to stay away from icebreaking operations as these operations may weaken or destabilize the ice. Anyone with fishing gear or other equipment on the ice located off shore near the Nome Harbor are encouraged to remove their gear before the arrival of the Coast Guard Cutter Healy and the Renda early Monday as ice breaking activities may result in the loss of that equipment.

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