Coast Guard to Discontinue Aids to Navigation in Quinby Inlet, VA

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – The Coast Guard will discontinue the aids to navigation that mark Quinby Inlet, which is located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia due to shoaling that has encroached into the inlet and reduced water depths to less than three feet.

Following Hurricane Isabel in 2002, the dynamics of Quinby Inlet changed greatly. At that time, many of the buoys were relocated to the North to mark best water for the waterway users. Buoys 5 and 6 were discontinued in 2003 and 2004 due to continued shoaling and buoys 7 and 8 were relocated in an attempt to mark the shoal.

Earlier this year Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team Chincoteague, Va., reported shoaling to depths of less than five feet in the vicinity of buoys 7 and 8. With these water depths, ANT Chincoteague cannot safely maintain the aids to navigation. The Coast Guard Fifth District has advertised their intentions to discontinue the aids in the local notice to mariners issued June 8, 2007.

The aids to navigation that will be discontinued are Quinby Inlet Lighted Buoy 2 (LL 6705), Quinby Inlet Buoy 4 (LL 6710), Quinby Inlet Buoy 7 (LL 6720), Quinby Inlet Buoy 8 (LL 6725), Quinby Inlet Entrance Light (LL 325) and Quinby Inlet Junction Light QI (LL 6735).

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