Coast Guard to convene formal hearing of Lady Mary sinking

CAPE MAY, N.J. – A Marine Board of Investigation into the sinking, with multiple loss of life, of the fishing vessel Lady Mary which occurred on March 24, is scheduled to convene a formal hearing beginning Tuesday, April 14, 10 a.m., at Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, N.J., inside the Oceanside club.

The board is investigating the facts and circumstances relating to the sinking of the vessel and will develop conclusions and recommendations to improve the safety and operations of similar vessels.

The National Transportation Safety Board is also participating in the investigation and they can make recommendations on issues to consider, identify and examine witnesses, and submit or request additional evidence in the course of the investigation.

The Lady Mary sank 60 miles off the coast of Cape May. The Coast Guard launched an intensive 37 hour search covering 3,417 square nautical miles after receiving an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon alert.

Recent attempts to use Remotely Operated Vehicles to survey the wreck and the wreck site were unsuccessful due to weather and ROV capabilities under the existing circumstances. The board did, however, gain some valuable sonar from the wreck site using sonar data obtained by NOAA. The board is currently examining future opportunities for another ROV survey attempt.

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