Coast Guard to continue underwater assessment of historic shipwreck

JUNEAU, Alaska – The Coast Guard and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation determined further examination by underwater divers is necessary to accurately assess the amount of oil on board the Princess Kathleen and the risk of future discharge.

Dive operations conducted by Global Diving Inc. employees who controlled a remotely operated vehicle last week indicated freestanding oil in several locations on the vessel but were unable to determine an amount or origin of the product.

The Coast Guard has requested a permit from the Alaska State Office of History and Archaeology to further investigate the vessel and the tanks. The Coast Guard, ADEC and divers from Global Diving will continue planning with input from the State Historic Preservation Officer throughout this week to solidify the details of the next phase of dive operations.

The oil spill liability trust fund will remain open to continue the assessment of the Princess Kathleen.

The Princess Kathleen sank in 1952 with an estimated 155,000 gallons of bunker C fuel or also known as No. 6 fuel oil on board.

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