Coast Guard to conduct waterways study in and around Jacksonville

d7JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville is conducting a focused Waterways Analysis and Management System study for a proposed offshore anchorage area approximately seven nautical miles northeast of the St. Johns River inlet, Florida.

Currently, there is not a dedicated deep draft offshore anchorage for commercial ocean-going vessels arriving at the port of Jacksonville. Establishing an adequate and dedicated offshore anchorage will alleviate hazardous conditions with vessels anchoring in the common approaches to the St. Johns River, a concern that is expected to worsen with the expected growth in the number of vessels, and the emergence of larger sized vessels calling on the port of Jacksonville. In addition, the designated anchorage would eliminate the potential of vessels anchoring in the designated “Danger Area” that exists approximately 1.5 nautical miles northeast of the “STJ” entrance buoy. The Coast Guard feels that a dedicated offshore anchorage will improve the safety and efficiency of navigation for all vessels transiting in and out of the Port of Jacksonville.

The proposed anchorage area is encompassed within the following points: starting at Point 1 in position 30°29.08’N, 81°18.21’W; thence south to Point 2 in position 30°26.06 N, 81°18.21’W; thence east to Point 3 in position 30°26.06’N, 81°16.05’W; thence north to Point 4 in position 30°29.08’N, 81°16.05’W; thence west back to origin. All coordinates are North American Datum 1983.

For additional information and to view the Marine Safety Information Bulletin for this study, visit and select Jacksonville under the Port Directory.

The U.S. Coast Guard encourages interested parties to provide comments to this proposed anchorage area. Please submit WAMS comments to Lt. Allan Storm, Chief, Waterways Management Division by April 15, 2016, at (904) 714-7616 or via email at

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