Coast Guard to conduct voluntary commercial passenger vessel safety inspections on Lake Texoma

HOUSTON — Personnel from Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston will return to Lake Texoma from July 23-28, 2009, to conduct voluntary commercial passenger vessel safety examinations.

Examinations will be conducted at locations based upon specific requests received from owners of commercial passenger vessels being operated on Lake Texoma. The Coast Guard is encouraging vessel owners to specify a marina or other location where Coast Guard personnel can arrive to conduct examinations to assist owners in meeting established safety standards.

The Coast Guard is currently working with State representatives and the Congressional delegations from Texas and Oklahoma to examine ways to improve safety on Lake Texoma.

“The Coast Guard is pleased to assist the Lake Texoma boating community through the voluntary examination process,” said Lt. Geoff Scibek, Chief of Domestic Vessel Inspections at Sector Houston-Galveston. “We are here to pass the necessary information to boaters to insure they are properly informed about the process. The Coast Guard will provide boaters with the necessary tools for safety and success.”

Commercial vessel owners are encouraged to contact Lt. Geoff Scibek to schedule a voluntary uninspected passenger vessel examination. He can be reached via phone at (832) 256-1053 or via e-mail at

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