Coast Guard to conduct tactical training exercise on Thames River

NEW YORK – Coast Guard Station New London, Conn., boat crews are scheduled to conduct a tactical training exercise on the Thames River in Connecticut Wednesday and Thursday.

“During the exercise, Coast Guard small boat crews will use simulated ammunition in the M240B machine gun mounted on the boat,” said Lt. j.g. John LaMorte, Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound’s Assistant Chief of Incident Management Division. “While the ammunition is not real, it will produce a muzzle flash and sound similar to live rounds. Our concern is the public might think the gunfire is real, and we want to assure them this is not the case.”

The Coast Guard will not conduct the training in close proximity to any ferries, military ships or other commercial and recreational boaters.

The exercise is designed to maintain readiness in support of Coast Guard escorts of military and other ships, including ferry and cargo ships transiting the area.

Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound has been issuing marine radio broadcasts in preparation for the exercise and will continue to make them during the exercise.

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