Coast Guard to conduct tactical coxswain training in New Haven Harbor

NEW HAVEN, Conn — U.S. Coast Guard Station New Haven is scheduled to conduct tactical boat training in the vicinity of Gateway Gulf Terminal in New Haven Harbor Thursday, 24 June, 2010, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Boat crewmembers from Station New Haven will engage in tactical maneuvering exercises throughout New Haven Harbor in the vicinity of the Gateway Gulf terminal. Personnel from Station New Haven will be using both of their 25-foot response boats, as well as their 41-foot utility boat for this training exercise. Station New Haven has already notified its local partners for their awareness.

During the exercise, Coast Guard crews may use simulated ammunition in the machine guns mounted on the boats. While the ammunition is not real, it will produce a muzzle flash and sound similar to live rounds.

Beginning tomorrow morning, the Coast Guard Sector Command Center will broadcast a Safety Marine Information Broadcast to notify mariners in the area of the training exercise, advising them to keep clear. The broadcast will commence at 9 a.m., and continue every 30 minutes until the training is complete.

“This training provides our boat crews with practical experience for their mission of guarding the waterways and local communities along the shores of Connecticut and Long Island,” said Lt. Jarod Toczko, Command Duty Officer at Sector Long Island Sound. “Training new members is just as important as keeping our previously qualified coxswains sharp and ready to respond to emergencies.”

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