Coast Guard Thirteenth District Public Affairs Podcast 1.1

The Thirteenth Coast Guard District presents its first video podcast. The video includes the top five 2007 recorded rescues, CG cutter drug bust, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Citizen’s Action Network and the anniversary of the sinking of the Triumph I.

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  1. John says:

    Thanks for getting this information out to the public.

  2. Dennus Willis says:

    Thanks so much for your piece on the sinking of the Triumph. I’m sure God has a special place in heaven for those brave young men who lost their lives that day. When I was just 17 years old, I had enlisted in the Coast Guard and was assigned to Point Adams Lifeboat sta in Oregon. Several days after I arrived, I was told that we were taking the Triumph out a call. We used the Triumph whenever our call took us beyond the Columbis River bar. This was the first boat I had ever put a foot on. It was an ugly day on the river and the entire crew, seasoned as they may have been were seasick. I was at the wheel and scared to death but since I wasn’t sick, I stayed put at the wheel. We completed our trip in good order and I was glad we got through it all in good shape. I spent the next six years operating small boats in california and New York.

    In January of 1961 I was stationed at Fort Point Lifeboat station in San Francisco, CA. I had just gone on watch when I heard some radio traffic from the Triumph, which had just gotten underway. It was one of those nights when radio traffic could be heard in the most remote places. I remember thinking if I were there now I would probably be on that call. I only heard bits and pieces of the call and it wasn’t until the next day that we learned that the boat and its crew were all lost. What a shock.

    The good lord must have had a need for some good sailors because got some of the best. I know because I’ve seen how good these people were on that river. They did their jobs and did them well. Bless them all.

    Jim Willis

  3. Renato Sussex says:

    Gordon Sussex was my brother,His twin sister Gwen is still living. She resides in DesertHotsprings, Ca. I actually have the compass from the Triumph, how our father acquired it I have no idea. Im going to show this to Gwen, she’ll be very pleased.