Coast Guard temporarily discontinues buoys on Allegheny River

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The U.S. Coast Guard advises commercial and recreational boaters to proceed with caution while transiting the Allegheny River in the vicinity of mile marker 30.4 and between mile markers 36.3 and 45.7 in Western Pennsylvania.

Significant shoaling has been reported at Lock and Dam 5 in the vicinity of mile marker 30.4, and between Lock and Dam 6 and Lock and Dam 7, mile markers 36.3 through 45.7.

Shoaling in these areas has prevented the U.S. Coast Guard from servicing the aids to navigation located above Lock and Dam 5 on the Allegheny River.

The buoys between Lock and Dam 6, in the vicinity of mile marker 36.3, and Lock and Dam 7, in the vicinity of mile marker 45.7, have been temporarily discontinued due to disrepair, and they no longer mark the navigation channel between miles 36.3 and 45.7. The Coast Guard intends to mark these areas with temporary buoys once bottom surveys have identified a navigable channel.

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