Coast Guard suspends search for missing boater

The Coast Guard has suspended their search for Eoin Curran, the 30-year-old boater who went missing near Larchmont, N.Y.

The search was suspended at approximately 1 p.m. today, pending further developments.

Twelve searches were conducted over 21 hours, covering a 101-square nautical mile area, which included two first-light searches by a Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City helicopter and rescue crew. Additional searches were conducted by West Chester County Sherrif and Police aircraft.

Curran reportedly went overboard when the sailboat he was on was affected by a squall on Sunday, July 25.

He was training on a 23-foot sailboat, along with an instructor and two other individuals, when it reportedly listed 90 degrees due to heavy winds from the squall. Both Curran and the instructor fell overboard; the instructor was able to get aboard the sailboat and a personal flotation device was thrown to Curran, according to reports.

Curran was reportedly not wearing a life jacket. The flotation device thrown to him has since been recovered.

The Coast Guard urges all boaters to take the appropriate safety precautions before and while underway. Weather changes faster than many boaters anticipate at sea – if it looks as if a storm is approaching, boaters should monitor marine band radio for safety advisories and head to the nearest safe haven if necessary. Boaters should always wear life jackets and bring the necessary safety gear for a boating trip: a radio, cellular phone, sound-producing device and flares drastically increase the safety level of a boating trip. Filing a float plan with friends or family that details where you are going and when you plan to be back will allow agencies to respond quickly if you do not return during the expected time.

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