Coast Guard Station Humboldt Bay Assists Injured 61 year-old Mariner

SAMOA, Calif. – Crewmembers at Coast Guard Station Humboldt Bay assisted a 61 year-old mariner who was injured while crossing the Humboldt Bay bar on Saturday.

The man, who had a history of seven back surgeries, lost his balance when a large swell rocked the 21 ft pleasure craft. He fell against the side of the vessel’s cockpit, possibly fracturing his ribs and puncturing one of his lungs.

The owner of the vessel and another crewman were directed to proceed to the small boat dock at Station Humboldt Bay where Coast Guard personnel quickly administered first aid to the injured crewman.

Eureka City Ambulance arrived on scene and the man was lifted from the vessel using a backboard and neck brace and was then transported to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka.

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