Coast Guard Statement Regarding Barge BAL0010

Pacific Southwest Coast Guard News
Editors Note: Barge BAL0010 has been referred to by many as the “Google Barge”. The Coast Guard has issued the following statement in regards to the barge.

ALAMEDA, Calif. — The Coast Guard regulates commercial maritime commerce and ensures compliance with applicable safety, security, and environmental protection requirements.

In this capacity, the Coast Guard conducts hundreds of inspections across the region on a wide variety of commercial vessels.

During the course of these activities, Coast Guard personnel are often exposed to sensitive proprietary information, new technologies, and other trade secrets. Regardless of the company or entity involved, the Coast Guard has an obligation to protect sensitive proprietary information, as a company’s competitive posture and business interests depend on it.

Regarding the barge BAL0010 moored at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, Coast Guard personnel have been onboard to conduct routine inspections and ensure compliance with applicable, safety, security, and environmental protection regulations.

The Coast Guard is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our waterways, while also respecting the sensitive commercial interests of those we regulate.

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