Coast Guard Stands Ready for Tropical Storm Cindy

NEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard is working to ensure preparedness of its people, its assets, and the port and maritime community in advance of Tropical Storm Cindy.

Prior to a storm, the Coast Guard works to ensure proper internal and external preparedness. Preparedness of our personnel, assets, and the maritime and port community are critical to successful post storm recovery. Coast Guard personnel communicate with maritime industry representatives to ensure awareness and proper precautions are taken in preparation for severe weather.

The Coast Guard urges all mariners to continuously monitor local and national weather sources, and avoid coastal areas that may be impacted by the storm. Remove small boats from the water and move them to a safe location above likely flood areas, and ensure the boat is tied securely to the trailer. Storms can cause dangerous conditions for any swimmer, even in areas not directly in the path of the storm. All swimmers are advised to follow signs and direction from local beach patrols.

Coast Guard men and women remain vigilant and always ready to respond. Depending on a storm’s characteristics and forecasted path, there may be a time during the height of the storm where the Coast Guard is unable to respond. As conditions allow, the Coast Guard will resume its missions with a focus on life saving and search and rescue.

Boaters and citizens should heed all warnings from local, state and federal agencies. All citizens are urged to take early action to stay safe and protect themselves and their families.

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