Coast Guard sets port condition YANKEE for South Florida

MIAMI – Effective 9 a.m. this morning, Coast Guard Captain of the Port, Capt. Chris Scraba, increased port conditions for the Port of Miami and Miami River to YANKEE between the hours of noon and 3 p.m. due to the expectation that gale force winds generated by Tropical Storm Bonnie will arrive within 24 hours.

Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., will remain in condition X-RAY, and the Port of Palm Beach and Fort Pierce, Fla., will remain in condition WHISKEY until further notice.

During Port Condition YANKEE all affected ports are closed to inbound vessel traffic greater than 500 gross tons. All vessels greater than 500 gross tons without permission to remain in port should have departed or be prepared to depart prior to the setting of Port Condition ZULU.

In Port Condition ZULU the port is closed and all port operations are suspended.

Mariners should prepare for impending severe weather and be aware drawbridges may not be operating as early as eight hours prior to the anticipated arrival of gale force winds or when an evacuation in in progress.

The following bridges are currently closed to navigation:

  • 2nd Avenue Bridge
  • Miami Avenue Bridge
  • 79th Street Causeway (east and west)
  • Venetian Causeway (east and west)

Bridge tenders will be present to open the bridges for emergencies only. The emergency openings will require police support on each side of the bridge to ensure vehicle traffic does not get to far onto the bridge, since guards have been removed, and a bridge supervisor must also authorize the opening so there may be significant delays.

Up-to-date storm information can be viewed at http://www.nhc/

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